Indigenous Languages and Arts Program

The Australian Government acknowledges the intrinsic value of Indigenous culture for all Australians and Australia as a nation. Language and art form a large part of culture and are essential to the wellbeing and identity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. They play an integral role in maintaining the sustainability, vitality and strength of Indigenous communities.

The Indigenous Languages and Arts program (ILA) provides funding for projects and organisations that support participation in and maintenance of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures through languages and arts.

The Australian Government will provide around $20 million each financial year through the ILA. In 2016–17, funding will be provided through two pathways: Open grant round and targeted grants.

Open grant round

Funding of up to $100,000 a year for up to two years is available for arts and languages projects through an annual open and competitive grants round.

Funding is available to develop, produce, present, exhibit or perform Indigenous arts projects that showcase Australia's traditional and contemporary Indigenous cultural and artistic expressions, and for projects that contribute to the revival and maintenance of Australia's Aboriginal languages or Torres Strait Islander languages.

Targeted grants

Applications through targeted grants is by invitation only.

Funding is available for up to five years for organisations such as Indigenous Language Centres or Indigenous arts and culture organisations that deliver Indigenous arts and languages projects.

2016–17 ILA Open Grant Round

To apply for funding through the open grant round, organisations must submit an application online via the following link.

Please read the ILA guidelines before submitting an application.

Organisations may submit an application for more than one project by completing a separate application form for each project.

ILA open grant round guidelines

Closing date

Applications must be submitted by 5pm AEST on Monday, 13 June 2016.

For more information about the ILA visit the frequently asked questions page.

If you have an enquiry please email or call 1800 006 992.

Apply now

apply now

For assistance in how to apply refer to the following guide.

Funding recipients

A full list of organisations that received ILA funding in 2015–16 is available on the Indigenous Languages and Arts funding recipients page.