Significance 2.0: a guide to assessing the significance of collections

Significance defines the meanings and values of a cultural heritage item or collection through research and analysis, and by assessment against a standard set of criteria.

Significance 2.0 was written by Roslyn Russell and Kylie Winkworth for the former Collections Council of Australia.


Significance 2.0 was originally published in 2009 by the Collections Council of Australia, a national collections sector industry council established and supported by the Cultural Ministers Council from 2004 until April 2010.

The Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities became the custodian and copyright holder of Significance 2.0 in May 2010. Custodianship was transferred to the Office for the Arts in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in July 2011.

To request a copy of Significance 2.0

Please e-mail or telephone the Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums Section, Office for the Arts, on (02) 6210 2858.

In addition, Significance 2.0 was widely distributed in 2009 to collecting organisations and local libraries across Australia.