Visions of Australia

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The Visions of Australia (Visions) Program is the Australian Government's national touring exhibitions program aimed at making a wide spectrum of Australian cultural material-including significant historical, scientific, artistic or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander material -accessible to more Australians particularly in regional and remote areas. The outcomes from the Visions Program include the continuing development of a rich and stimulating cultural sector for all Australians, access and excellence in Australia's cultural activities, and preservation and development of collections.
The guiding principles set out in Article 2 apply strongly to the objectives of the Visions Program particularly the principles of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms; equal dignity of and respect for all cultures; and equitable access (one of the major objectives of the Visions Program is audience access). In addition, and in line with Article 10 of the Convention, another of the major objectives of the Visions Program is promoting an understanding of the importance of the diversity of cultural expressions through educational and public awareness programs as part of touring exhibitions. The Convention also notes the importance of Indigenous traditional knowledge and recognises that due attention needs to be paid to Indigenous people. Many Visions funded exhibitions focus specifically on Indigenous culture which promote awareness of different cultural expression.
Grant/Direct Investment (amount per annum): 
Funding of $2.1m per annum indexed
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Office for the Arts, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Cultural Heritage
Regional Australia
Social Inclusion
Visual Arts
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