Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support program

Launch of Tjanpi Lampshades in partnership with Koskela 2012. Photo credit: Anson Smart. Copyright Koskela.

About the Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support (IVAIS) Program

The IVAIS program aims to support professional arts practice in order to build a stronger Indigenous visual arts sector and provide sustained economic opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. The IVAIS program provides operational funding to a network of more than 80 Indigenous-owned art centres and a number of industry service organisations across Australia, including many in very remote areas.

IVAIS funding:

  • supports the operations of Indigenous art centres, and organisations involved in the production, promotion and marketing of Indigenous visual art
  • provides opportunities for Indigenous artists to maintain, develop and extend their professional art practice
  • provides opportunities for art centre staff, artists and Board members to develop professional skills and experience
  • facilitates the delivery of services to the Indigenous visual arts industry by industry service organisations.

IVAIS is a national program, and is part of a coordinated approach to develop the Indigenous visual arts sector as outlined in the Indigenous Art Centre Plan.

Current recipients are funded according to the eligibility critera outlined in the Funding for Indigenous Culture, Languages and Visual Arts—2013–14 Guidelines.


Photo source

Wipana Jimmy working at Tjungu Palya Artists, Nyapari, Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands, South Australia.
Eunice Porter and tjanpi minyma outside Warakurna Women's Centre.