Indigenous arts, languages and repatriation

The Ministry for the Arts administers Australian Government funding that supports Indigenous languages, visual arts and repatriation through a number of programs and policies.

  • The Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support program supports the operations of Indigenous-owned art centres and industry service organisations that support the production, promotion and marketing of Indigenous visual art.
  • The Indigenous Languages and Arts program helps to keep cultural identity strong by providing funding to revive and maintain languages and deliver diverse arts projects.
  • The Indigenous Repatriation program supports the return of ancestral remains and secret sacred objects to their communities of origin.
  • The Australian Delegation to the Festival of Pacific Arts, the world's largest gathering of Indigenous Pacific cultures, will visit Guam from 22 May to 4 June 2016.

Recent news

More than $3 million for Indigenous languages and arts

The Australian Government announced funding of more than $3 million for 59 projects that help keep Indigenous languages alive and showcase Australia's traditional and contemporary Indigenous cultural and artistic expressions.

Aboriginal ancestral remains return home from the UK

The Australian Government welcomed the return of Aboriginal ancestral remains from the United Kingdom to the Dunghutti community of New South Wales.

Indigenous arts and languages funding streamlined

In 2015 16, the Government will provide more than $40 million to support Indigenous arts and languages through the Indigenous Languages and Arts program and the Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support program. These two programs represent a consolidation of the Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support, Indigenous Culture Support and Indigenous Languages Support programs, along with the Indigenous Employment Initiative. These changes streamline our funding processes in line with the Australian Government's priorities.