Working with states and territories

Meeting of Cultural Ministers

The Meeting of Cultural Ministers (MCM) is the principle forum for intergovernmental discussion and collaboration on arts and cultural matters of national significance and mutual interest.

The MCM comprises Australian, state and territory government arts and culture ministers. The cultural ministers are advised and supported by a working group of public sector officials from the Ministry for the Arts, and the state and territory arts and culture ministries. The officials working group considers, as directed by cultural ministers, arts and culture issues of national significance that require a collaborative approach.

The Ministry for the Arts is currently the Chair of theMCM Statistics Working Group, which manages a national program of cultural data collection, research and analysis.

The Ministry for the Arts is also currently coordinating a triennial evaluation of the National Arts and Disability Strategy for the period 2013–15.

Visit the Meeting of Cultural Ministers website for more information.

Indigenous Art Centres

Indigenous Art Centre Plan cover image. Department of Communications and the Arts. Ministry for the Arts.The Ministry for the Arts works with state and territory governments to progress the Indigenous Art Centre Plan, a cooperative framework for Indigenous art centres, industry service organisations and the Australian Government to build and maintain a professional, strong and ethical Indigenous visual arts industry.

Indigenous Art Centre Plan



Indigenous Repatriation

The Ministry for the Arts seeks to work collaboratively through developed and developing relationships with state, territory and local government agencies towards the repatriation of ancestral remains and secret sacred objects to their communities of origin.

Visit the Indigenous Repatriation page for more information.

Regional Arts

The Ministry for the Arts collaborates with state and territory arts ministries on shared regional arts priorities to ensure that communities and individuals—regardless of their geographic location—are provided the same quality arts and cultural experiences and opportunities as those living in metropolitan areas. We continue to work together to deliver arts and culture funding to Australia's regional and remote areas. Visit the Regional Arts page for more information.