Register of Cultural Organisations

What is the Register of Cultural Organisations?

Established in 1991, the Register of Cultural Organisations (the Register) assists qualifying cultural bodies to attract private support by enabling donors the incentive of a tax deduction.

The Register aims to strengthen private sector support for the arts and encourages Australians to contribute to the nation's vibrant cultural life.

Cultural bodies listed on the Register are able to receive tax deductible donations to fund a wide range of activities in arts and culture. This may include the creation of a new theatrical work, the publication of a literary magazine or the building of a community arts centre

Which organisations are eligible for the Register?

To be eligible for listing on the Register an organisations principal purpose must be the promotion of a cultural activity such as: literature; visual, community, performing or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts; music; crafts; design; television; video; radio; film; or movable cultural heritage. Eligible organisations and the activity must be located in Australia.

Public art galleries, museums and libraries are generally not included on the Register as they are approved by the Australian Taxation Office under another Deductible Gift Recipient category.

The Minister responsible for the Arts and the Treasurer approve new appointments to the Register, which is administered by the Ministry for the Arts.

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