A Short History of Christianity – Geoffrey Blainey (Penguin Group)

A Short History of Christianity coverFor 2000 years, Christianity has had a varying but immense influence on world history.

Eminently readable, and written with Geoffrey Blainey's characteristic curiosity and story-telling skill, this book often places Christianity at the centre of world history.  Will it remain near the centre?  Blainey points out again and again that its history is a much-repeated story of ups and downs.

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Author biography

Geoffrey BlaineyGeoffrey Blainey is one of Australia's most significant and popular historians. He has 36 full-length books including The Tyranny of Distance, Triumph of the Nomads, Black Kettle and Full Moon, A Short History of the 20th Century, and the best-selling A Short History of the World. Professor Blainey held chairs in economic history and history at the University of Melbourne for 21 years.

Judges’ comments

Geoffrey Blainey again demonstrates he is one of Australia’s finest writers. The prolific historian takes on his most daunting subject with practiced thoroughness, fairness and clarity. A Short History of Christianity is a sweeping and lucid account of perhaps the most significant driving force in human history. Neither blind disciple, nor steely-eyed sceptic, Blainey tracks 2000 years of evidence, from the life of Jesus, to the impact of Charles Darwin and beyond. It takes a writer of rare skill to traverse a passive as well as active and often violent history. He complements ecumenical accounting with intellectual curiosity to create a manual for all who seek to know as well as to believe.