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The Ministry for the Arts welcomes expressions of interest (EOI) from interested individuals to join our register of independent assessors.

About the role

Independent assessors assist with the assessment of grant applications to Catalyst—Australian Arts and Cultural Fund and other Ministry programs such as Festivals Australia and Visions of Australia.

Our programs support participation in and access to a high-quality, diverse and vital arts and cultural sector throughout Australia.

Independent assessors play an important role in ensuring that applications for funding are assessed equitably and accountably. By maintaining a broad register of independent assessors, the Ministry can match your specialist knowledge with the application.

Many of the Ministry's assessment processes are carried out online.

Expression of Interest sought

EOIs are sought from arts and cultural sector professionals, audience members and arts project participants, based in Australia and overseas. Selection is based on your individual expertise and experience, rather than the type of organisation or artform you work with.

You can apply to the register at any time. All EOI applications to the register are considered by senior Ministry staff. You will be notified of the EOI outcome within 25 business days.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, young people, people with disability, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, people from disadvantaged backgrounds and those living in regional and remote areas are encouraged to apply.

Registered independent assessors

Registered independent assessors will be matched on a case-by-case basis to assess applications based on a number of factors including, but not limited to, subject matter expertise, availability, artform expertise, geographic location, gender, cultural background, age and an understanding of regional, urban or international contexts.

Selection to the register does not guarantee work, as not all individuals listed will be asked to conduct assessments.

Support and remuneration for independent assessors

Each independent assessor will be provided with:

  • the Catalyst guidelines
  • access to the SmartyGrants website to conduct assessments
  • an independent assessors handbook
  • guides to assessment and the use of Smarty Grants
  • orientation and support from the Ministry for the Arts staff.

Independent assessors will be remunerated for assessing applications.

Registered assessors agree to a code of conduct published in the independent assessors handbook. By agreeing to the Code, independent assessors are bound to identify all perceived or actual conflicts of interest arising from their assessments.

Download the independent assessors handbook:

You may apply at any time online via the apply now button below:

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Phone: 1800 590 577