2015 Prime Minister's Literary Awards entry form

If you have any questions regarding the Prime Minister's Literary and History Awards, you can:

Before you begin, please ensure that you have read the 2015 entry guidelines before submitting an entry.

If you are submitting a collaborative work by a community group or a community group and named authors, or a non-book entry (for example a documentary) for the Prize for Australian History which has more than two producers, please contact the Awards team for a hard copy form.

Please ensure ten (10) copies of each entered work are sent to the Ministry for the Arts by 5pm AEDT on Saturday 28 February 2015. Please note: even if you are entering multiple categories, we only require 10 copies in total.

Each entry must be accompanied by:

  • a brief summary of the relevant work
  • an image of the work (for example, the book or DVD cover artwork)
  • an image and short biography (up to 100 words) of the authors/producers
  • images and words may be used in promotional material.

Contact details

Postal and courier address: Contact:
Prime Minister's Literary Awards
Attn: Sarah Hill
Ministry for the Arts
Attorney-General's Department
Robert Garran Offices
3–5 National Circuit
Prime Minister's Literary Awards
Phone: 1800 707 889
Email: PMLiteraryAwards@arts.gov.au