Location and PDV Offsets guidelines and application forms

The guidelines for the Location and PDV Offsets are invaluable to understanding how the offsets operate and are essential to filling in an application form for either offset, or a provisional application form for either offset.

Location and PDV Offsets guidelines

You should familiarise yourself with the guidelines and speak to a member of the Location and PDV Offset team before you start production or complete a form for certification or provisional certification. This will head off any issues that can arise during the application process.

The Airfare Template will assist you to claim the correct amount of expenditure on travel when you make your application. It is a required attachment to the Location and PDV application forms.

Applying for the Location Offset

You may apply for the Location Offset once QAPE has ceased being incurred.

Applying for the PDV Offset

You can apply for the PDV Offset once qualifying PDV expenditure has ceased being incurred.

Provisional Certificates

If you have yet to complete your production or are unsure whether a proposed production will qualify for the Location or PDV Offset, you maybe eligible to receive a provisional certificate A provisional certificate does not provide a guarantee of receiving a final certificate. It will, however, provide an indication of eligibility and the extent to which projected expenditure can be counted.

Taxation matters

For information regarding taxation matters, please contact the Australian Taxation Office.
Tel: +61 2 9374 1754.

Alternate copies of forms

If you would like an accessible version, or assistance accessing the forms, including in alternate document formats, please contact the Screen Industry Section at email: filmenquiries@arts.gov.au or tel: +61 2 6271 1543.